What You’ll Learn:

How to automate a secure multi-cloud network using the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform and the principles of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code.

Course Description:

This Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) Infrastructure as Code (IaC) course is designed for technical individuals. It provides guidance for Day 0 and Day 2 automation of multi-cloud networks.

ACE Infrastructure as Code brings together the concepts of DevOps by automating a multi-cloud network infrastructure through 3 hands-on labs. The training includes solved walkthrough guides of each lab as well as how to build an Aviatrix Controller using the Sandbox Starter Tool.

Students can expect to enter the training with no coding background and complete the training with a solid understanding of how to use IaC tools (GitHub and Terraform Cloud) to build, enhance, and secure multi-cloud networks at scale in an automated fashion. They will learn how to collaborate with other stakeholders in their organization by building CI/CD pipelines to apply a very common use case in the cloud – Egress Security.

  • ACE Associate certification
  • ACE Cloud Operations certification
  • Aviatrix Controller deployed in AWS. The training materials expect you have deployed your Controller using the Sandbox Starter Tool.
  • GitHub account. Sign up here.
  • Terraform Cloud Organization account. Sign up here.

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Multi-Cloud Networking Infrastructure as Code Level Training